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[11 Jul 2010|06:43pm]
I'm pretty sure no one even reads livejournal anymore, which is why I have decided to maybe start mine back up again? I doubt it will last, but at least it's something for me to do right now. I live in another place once again, but this time it is in the confides of Michigan just on the other side of the state. I have a wonderful apartment with Steven Fischer, Julia Turbiak and another roommate who has not graced us with her presence yet. I do nothing all day and I hate it, I need a job not only to make money but to keep my sanity. I have the best neighbors in the whole entire world. I call them kids, they call me mom. A fair trade I believe.
That's about it for life. Kyle, Brennan, Darnell, Meg and Mike need to come visit me. I miss them.
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[24 Dec 2009|03:25pm]
for the first time since June, I am happy :)
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[10 Dec 2009|12:35am]
happy birthday to me.
remember when i had friends.
remember when i had adventures.
remember when someone cared about me.

i am so alone.
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listening to "La Bouche- Be My Lover" on Blip [06 Dec 2009|07:46pm]
I'm just saying..
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listening to "Ben Folds - Annie Waits" on Blip [30 Sep 2009|07:10pm]
this song was written about me.
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[24 May 2009|09:18pm]
Hahaha, I'm terrible at updating this now a days.
well, here it goes.
- work has consumed my life and i feel like it's not even summer.
- that boy is still around, but nothing will come of it, and i am okay with it... i guess.
- i failed my math class. hooray.
- my bestfriend and my cousin are getting married,hahaha.
- my life is pretty much working and hanging out with Kristin, Kyle and Bruce.
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listening to "They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come - Sufjan Stevens" on Blip [01 May 2009|07:30pm]
I told you all they were coming. H1Z1.
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listening to "REO SPEEDWAGON - CANT FIGHT THIS FEELING - " on Blip [19 Mar 2009|07:21pm]
I've listened to this all day today. Gosh, do i love it!
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listening to "Over You - Sing It Loud" on Blip [10 Mar 2009|01:42pm]
When i hear this song i just think of jumping 15 year olds. But boy do i love it.
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listening to "Televators - The Mars Volta" on Blip [10 Mar 2009|12:55pm]
The Mars Volta and studying go together like PB&J
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listening to "Let's Talk About Spaceships - Say Hi To Your Mom" on Blip [08 Mar 2009|09:18pm]
You can all thank my sister for me liking this song.
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listening to "Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Theme Long Version - " on Blip [05 Mar 2009|10:18pm]
Favorite TV show growing up ever. I miss is it man.
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listening to "The Widow - The Mars Volta" on Blip [03 Mar 2009|03:02pm]
Brennan broke my CD at the beginning of school. I still am mad at him. (btw;this isn't one of their best songs, but i couldn't find my favorite.)
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listening to "Everything I Do I do it For Yo - Brian Adam" on Blip [02 Mar 2009|08:18pm]
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listening to "Juicebox - The Strokes" on Blip [02 Mar 2009|12:46pm]
the original video for this is really good, until the fcc got their hands on it.
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listening to "You're So Vain - Carly Simon" on Blip [02 Mar 2009|12:19pm]
I want to watch "Dick".
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listening to "Toxic - A Static Lullaby" on Blip [28 Feb 2009|04:58pm]
What else is there to say.
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listening to "New - New Doubt" on Blip [27 Feb 2009|01:08pm]
This is my favorite No Doubt song, and i am so glad they are on tour. This is the band i grew up with. July 3rd baby =]
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listening to "Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan" on Blip [26 Feb 2009|09:16pm]
Oh summer, i really cannot wait.
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listening to "Skullflower - The Sound Of Animals Fighting" on Blip [26 Feb 2009|08:16pm]
I want to lay on my pool deck in the blistering sun with Kyle while we listen to this entire CD. Perfect summer? I think so.
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